Marketplace Features

  • Safe Transactions

  • Gaming Goods

  • Merchants

MMOCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency and it will be used for buying and selling Digital goods and additional MMO Goods. The main purpose of creating a MMOCoin marketplace is to make the transaction process safer, faster and easier for buyers and sellers.

The Gaming/MMO goods such as WoW Goods, Steam Cards and Games, EVE Online Goods, Fifa Goods, Blade and Soul goods, MMOPro and MMOCoin Merchandise & a lot more MMOG Inventory.

Trusted and popular merchants will be joining our Marketplace and will be selling their inventory here on MMOCoin and new merchants are always Welcome but there is a minor verification required before accepting new merchants for the safety and trust of Buyers.

What is MMOCoin?

MMOCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, MMOCoin will be facilitating MMOPro, MMO communities, and the MMO fans. MMOCoin will also be used for buying and selling MMO resources in a most secure way.

MMOCoin’s backbone is which is an old & gold community with over 275,000+ MMO Fans providing them free resources for MMO Games, It’s also a really busy place for traders from which they buy and sell their services and assets.