Telegram Rainbot

Published by   CircuitBreaker88



This telegram rain bot comes ready to use with most any blockchain. Gives the Admin the ability to deposit coins into a Rain wallet and Rain on recent active users who are still online. Able to add others to administer the rain function as well!



/balance - Shows Balance

/withdraw - Withdraws Coins

/deposit - ADMIN ONLY COMMAND - Deposit Coins for RainBalance

/rainbalance - ADMIN ONLY COMMAND - Shows Rain Balance

/rain - ADMIN ONLY COMMAND Rains Coins

/promote - ADMIN ONLY COMMAND -Promote User to Admin

/demote - ADMIN ONLY COMMAND -Demote User from Admin

/admins - Lists Admins

/config - ADMIN ONLY COMMAND -Shows Config


Why use a Telegram Rainbot?

To instigate activity within the telegram channel in which you may be able to inform your community better. To give newcomers small bags to start staking with! Or to reward those who are actively participating in the community.


Bot only pays RECENT ACTIVE users who are STILL ONLINE at the time of raining.


Example images can be given to show working bot.



Telegram Bot requires a VPS that is running a local daemon wallet.

  • Price:
  •     200
  •  371,260.01937977 
  •  0.00350490 

  • Quantity available: 100
  • Original Product:
  • Published: May 7, 2020
  • Delivery in: 10 days

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